09 Best Sheepskin Slippers for Women in 2021

Slipper means comfort, slipper means to relax, slipper means warm, and more. You should pick the right slippers to get all these. There are lots of variations in slippers for both men and women. Among them, sheepskin slippers are one of the best.

You need to be choosy to buy women’s sheepskin slippers for winter. Before buying, make sure you pick the comfy, soft, good-looking, stylish, and genuine sheepskin slippers. If you pick the genuine sheepskin slippers, you will get all benefits of its. Let’s see below…

Benefits of Sheepskin Slippers

  • It wicks moisture and perspires to let your feet dry.
  • It absorbs moisture up to 33% of its weight without any damp feeling.
  • Fights bacteria induced odor.
  • Provides comfy warm in the winter by creating natural insulation.
  • Let’s your feet breathe well.
  • Last long.
  • Lightweight and can be used as both indoor and outdoor slipper (depends on soles).

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Variations in Sheepskin Slippers

Don’t think sheepskin slippers come in a single form. It is called sheepskin slippers because it is made of sheepskin. But, they have different forms with a different name. And obviously, you will them found them in lots of earthly colors from dark oak to chestnut brown to light pseudo-cream. The most available variations of sheepskin slippers are moccasins, loafers, clogs, velcro slippers, toastie slippers, albert slippers, and more.

How to Wash Sheepskin Slippers?

It is the most confusing term for those who want to wear sheepskin slippers. There always question with fear comes to mind. Are sheepskin slippers washable? How should I wash them? If I wash, do they get damaged?

OK, let me first wash out your fear. Yes, sheepskin slippers are washable, but not in a general way. Handwash is always the best option to wash sheepskin slippers. First, check the manufacturer instruction before washing them. Dip the slipper in cold water with a small amount of wool detergent. Rub with your hands or soft brush to clean them. After that, rinse them with cold water and dry them naturally. Don’t use artificial heat and dry them under direct sunlight. Click here for details.

Where to Buy Sheepskin Slippers?

You can buy sheepskin slipper from any kind of footwear or shoe shops. You can also get them from the footwear section of big departmental stores. If you want to buy them online, amazon.com is always the best choice. Detailed Buying Guide.

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Best Women’s Sheepskin Slippers

01. Old Friend Women’s Sheepskin Slippers

womens sheepskin slipperswomen's sheepskin slippersThese are nice women’s slippers made of original sheepskin. With these women’s sheepskin slippers, you will get the expected warmth in the winter. When you come back home with tired feet, only these women’s fur-lined slippers can give comfort to your tired feet. Due to its open back, you can scoot it on ASAP. Its sheepskin lining ensures maximum warmth that all you need. And the rubber soles allow you to walk both inside and outside of your home.

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02. Tamarac by Slippers International Women’s Cozy Sheepskin Clog Slippers

Women's sheepskin clog slipperwomen's sheepskin slippersYou can wear these sheepskin slippers in both outdoor and indoor in your house. Its rubber outsole gives you skid free balanced walk. Its upper is made of sheepskin. And the dyed lamb fur keeps your feet warm to fight against the cold of winter. These backless sheepskin slippers allow you easy on/off without any hassle. They are cozy and comfortable. It is ready to help you relax with warm shearling lining, flexible suede upper, and cushioned insole.

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03. Acorn Women’s Sheepskin Moxie Bootie Slippers

Women's bootie slipperwomen's sheepskin slippersAcron is famous for its unique style and flair. And these women’s sheepskin slippers own all the values of Acron. They feature handsewn moccasin construction, durable suede upper, and genuine sheepskin. This sheepskin naturally wicks moisture and is hypoallergenic & biodegradable. You will get the perfect warm and style in these soft cozy slippers. They are skid resistance because of the rubber outsoles. Can be wear in both indoor and outdoor environment. Fits well and great for regular use in winter.

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04. Dream Pairs Women’s Auzy-01 Sheepskin Fur Slippers

womens sheepskin slippersThese are nice slippers that look like shoes. The core features of these women’s sheepskin slippers are sheepskin fur lining, moccasin toe, and stitch detail. They contain suede upper and sheepskin lining. And ultra-soft sheepskin fur gives you comfort both inside and outside of the room in winter. This fur is natural and artificially dyed and treated. You will get the proper grip for both indoor and outdoor use because of its rubber soles with tread. Nice ladies slippers for home use as well as outdoor with optimal comfort.

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05. Sheep Touch Women’s Sheepskin Slippers

womens sheepskin slippersThese are the best slippers for women. They consist of top-grade twin-face sheepskin upper with sheepskin cuff. It is also fully lined with sheepskin and rear pull tab. You will get a comfortable warmth walk in winter because of its durable, lightweight, molded EVA rubber outsoles. Its fur is originated in Australia. This sheepskin is artificially dyed and treated. It naturally wicks away the moisture and keeps your feet dry. These can be used as both indoor outdoor slippers.

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06. SLPR Women’s Sheepskin Greenland Slippers

Sheepskin slipper for comfortable warmWith these sheepskin slippers, enjoy the comfort in each morning and feel the cozy relief at night. They feature a soft suede upper, open back, fur inside lining, and flexible outsoles. You will get additional warmth while cradling your feet in extraordinary comfort. Its light and flexible EVA outsoles contain one of the most shock absorbing materials. These ladies winter sheepskin slippers are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. With comfort, they will give you a stylish and fashionable look.

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07. Woolworks Women’s Australian Sheepskin Slippers

womens sheepskin slipperswomen's sheepskin slippersHere are a pair of nice slippers that look like shoes. These suede slippers with sheepskin lining inside are imported. And they also contain suede soles. You will get the true benefit of sheepskin because of its Australian shearling sheepskin. You should definitely use these slippers for perfect indoor warmth and comfort. Its quality materials make it durable for years. And it stitched with strong nylon. They are handmade and ensure you a warm comfort from heel to toe.

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08. KOS Signature Women’s Eve Scuff Sheepskin Slippers

Sheepskin slipper with genuine suede leatherwomen's sheepskin slippersThese are super comfy women’s slippers with genuine suede leather upper. They contain moisture wicked genuine sheepskin for the ultimate comfort. Its footbed also made with sheepskin. The improved traction rubber sole makes them suitable for women’s indoor and outdoor slippers. These sheepskin slippers are made in the USA or imported. These women’s winter slippers provide great warmth and comfort to the feet. They fit great and most importantly they own the customer’s satisfaction.

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09. Qwaruba Flamingo Arch Sheepskin Slippers

womens sheepskin slipperswomen's sheepskin slippersThese women’s sheepskin slip on slippers are very comfortable. They provide arch support to care your feet’s health. The upper, insoles and collar of these comfy women’s slippers contain 100% Australian Merino sheepskin. Its fur lining lets your feet feel covered with a delicious warm cozy blanket.  Its EVA outsoles give you proper comfort and balanced walk. You can use these winter slippers in indoor and as well as outdoor. They are imported.

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The Last Words

That’s all for today. Let’s your feet stay warm in the blanket of fur with these women’s sheepskin slippers to cope with the bitter cold of winter.