organic exfoliating face scrub
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Scrubbing face is vital for the care of facial skin. It nicely removes dirt, oil, impurities from your face.


An effective exfoliator reveals your inner beauty by removing the shedding from the skin surface. It also brings back the young you by erasing wrinkles, fine lines, and overall aging signs.

But, why organic?

Because organic exfoliating face scrub is far safer for your skin than a general one.

Today, this post comes up with the best organic exfoliating face scrub that gives you a different feel of scrubbing. Let’s see…

Best Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub Reviews

01. First Botany Arabica Coffee Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThis coffee scrub is 100% natural for your skin health. It contains organic coffee, coconut, and shea butter to give the highest benefits of a moisturizing scrub. It is loaded with anti-oxidants to fight free radical damages.

This scrub gives you a radiant and younger looking skin by reducing the aging signs like wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots, puffy eyes, and more. It also reduces the swelling and inflammation of your skin. First Botany Arabica coffee scrub ensures gentle exfoliation for a newer, fresher, and healthier facial look.

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02. Acure Brilliantly Brightening Facial Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThe key elements of this organic scrub are sea kelp and French green clay. This facial scrub fits with all skin types. It gently removes dirt and oil to keep your skin clean and fresh. Besides cleansing, it also nourishes your skin well.

Acure organic facial scrub feed & restores cells, and ensures new cell growth with chlorella growth factor. Its gentle exfoliation gives you a bright complexion. Free of harsh chemicals like sulfate and paraben.

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03. Foxbrim Exfoliating Tea Face Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThis exfoliating scrub is fully natural and organic. The core strengths of this facial scrub are green tea, white tea, jojoba beads, and kukui nut oil. It nicely moisturizes, cleanses, and repairs your skin for a winning glow.

This face scrub moisturizes and protects your skin while cleansing. It also gives you anti-aging benefits by erasing the signs of wrinkles and fine lines. It doesn’t strip off skin’s natural oil while cleansing. Rich in anti-oxidants.

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04. Himalaya Botanique Exfoliating Face Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThe key elements of this organic exfoliating face scrub are walnut, wood apple, ginger, and basil. It fits with all skin types. It gives you a worthy exfoliation with walnut for radiant skin. And the ginger root oil soothes, comforts, and balances your skin.

This exfoliating scrub removes dead skin cells and supports cellular regeneration for a new healthier look. It not only exfoliates but also hydrates your skin. Free of harsh chemicals and gentle enough for daily use.

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05. Pure Body Naturals Blueberry Oxygen Facial Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThis organic exfoliating face scrub is a nice blend of blueberry, aloe vera, and other skin-friendly herbs. All its elements are organic and natural. It nicely reduces the look of wrinkles, fine lines, and acne to give you a radiant younger looking skin.

It also helps your skin to fight early aging with its rich anti-oxidants. You can use this facial scrub daily. It is made in the USA and free of derivatives, pesticides, and diluents.

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06. Organic Fiji Sugar Scrub for Face

organic exfoliating face scrubThis deeply moisturizing sugar scrub is USDA certified and cold pressed. The key elements of this face scrub are sugar, coconut oil, and pineapple. The natural and organic parts of this scrub give a gentle exfoliating care to the skin of men and women.

It shows anti-aging benefits to give you a younger looking skin. You should use this organic scrub to keep your skin young, glowing, and vibrant. Besides exfoliation, it also creates a protective barrier to keep your skin safe from damage. It is perfect for even the most sensitive skin.

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07. Honeyskin Organic Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThis facial scrub contains organic ingredients to exfoliate your skin with proper safety. Its gentle exfoliation formula gently removes dead skin cells from your face. And the exfoliation is done by gentle fruit acid. It also gives anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral benefits with manuka honey.

For your skin’s care, it also balances its pH at 5.5. This organic exfoliating face scrub is great for some skin condition like seborrhea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, and dry skin. You can use this scrub on sensitive skin.

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08. TOULON Exfoliating Walnut Polish Face Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThe key elements of this face scrub are walnut, vitamin E, panthenol, chamomile, and aloe vera. This exfoliating face and body scrub is suitable for both men and women. It leaves your facial skin clean and fresh by removing dirt and impurities.

This organic scrub not only cleanses your skin, but also makes it hydrated, soft, and radiant. It effectively reduces blackheads and acne. Ideal for all skin types including the most sensitive skin. Fights free radical damages and premature aging.

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09. Teami Green Organic Exfoliating Face Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThis facial scrub contains the right balance of natural and organic ingredients to give your skin the deserving care. It renews your skin with gentle exfoliation and reverses your aging process. Ideal for men and women with all types of skin.

You can use this scrub to remove makeup from your face. It also makes your skin smooth and moisturized after every use. This scrub reduces the appearance of pores, blackheads, and blemishes. Use it right now to get youthful and clear skin.

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10. Mr. Bean Organic All Natural Coffee Scrub

organic exfoliating face scrubThis organic facial scrub not also exfoliates your face but also nourishes. It makes your skin healthy with coconut milk, Dead Sea salt, almond & grapeseed oil. Its Dead Sea salt buffs away dead skin cells and other stubborn filth from your face.

Besides, it also gives you an ageless look by removing wrinkles, fine lines, spots, stretch marks, and more. It opens pores to let your skin breathe well. And its detoxification process helps your skin to stay healthy and stronger. Try this and get the spa quality treatment at home.

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The Last Words

These are the best organic exfoliating face scrub in the market. With regular use, you will get a healthier, smoother, and radiant skin. If you have any question regarding this organic exfoliating face scrub, feel free to knock in the comment.