7 Best Loofah Alternatives

Loofah, the most used body scrubber. It is natural, effective, and eco-friendly. A few years back there are no alternatives to the loofah.

But, it has some drawbacks. It retains moisture which makes it a suitable breeding ground of bacteria. Soap and body wash may get stuck inside it. And it is really hard to clean. That’s why some people are looking for the alternative of loofah.

Are you one of them?

Don’t worry. There are lots of body scrubbers available which are a good replacement of loofah. And here you get 7 best loofah alternatives to exfoliate your body. Let’s see.

01. Silicone Exfoliating Brush

Loofah alternativesloofah alternativesSilicone exfoliating brush is a great tool to clean your body. Generally, it is made with food-grade silicone material. There are various types of silicone brush you can use to exfoliate your body. Some have tiny spike bristle and some have round bristle. Variations in shape and size are countless. Some also have a handle for easy back scrubbing. If you want more ease, choose the electric silicone scrub. But, make sure they are water-resistant. You can use it to remove stubborn dirt and debris from your body.


  • Last longer.
  • Can be used with any types of shower gel and body wash.
  • Dry easily and thus it stays safe from bacterial growth.
  • Slip-resistant with handle and finger-grip.
  • Great for all skin types.
  • Spiky bristles help to open pores and ingrown hair.
  • Some also usable on both face and body.
  • Easily washable.

My Choice

Among hundreds of silicone body scrubber, I picked only two. One is with handle (Apprize Ultra-Soft Silicone Back Scrubber) and one is without handle (NYKKOLA bath loofah). They are awesome. They help you getting maximum cleansing benefits easily.

02. Back Scrubber (Fabric made)

Loofah alternativesloofah alternativesYou need the help of others if you want to exfoliate your back with a loofah. It is really hard to exfoliate back with a loofah and you can not get complete satisfaction. In this case, you can get the maximum cleansing care with a back scrubber. It has two handles for easy use. Generally, it comes with a different texture on both sides for multipurpose use. You can wash this scrubber again and again and wring it for quick dry. There are lots of fabric made back scrubber available in the market. You should compare the fabric texture and scrubber width before buy.


  • Covers maximum area at a time than any other scrubber.
  • Ensures smooth exfoliation without hurting skin.
  • Machine washable.
  • Dry quickly to prevent bacterial growth.
  • You can hang it on the bathroom wall with handle.
  • Great for thigh and calf exfoliation.
  • Designed not to retain moisture.

My Choice

Not only me, it is also chosen by lots of people. Aquis Exfoliating Back Scrubber is worthy. It gives the best back exfoliation you are looking for.

03. Back Scrubbing Brush (with handle)

back exfoliating brushloofah alternativesIt is another great alternative to the loofah. It is specially designed for back scrubbing. I know it is hard to reach all parts of the back to clean. Our hands are too short for it. Here handled back scrubber acts as extra length of our hand. It can reach in every part of the back even the center. There are both wooden handled and plastic handled scrubber in the market. Plastic handle lasts longer than the wooden handle and some give flexibility while scrubbing. But wooden handled brush enhances the look of your bathroom.


  • Ensures easy back scrubbing.
  • Gives more cleansing in the backbone-line than other scrubbers.
  • Can be used with any types of body cleanser.
  • Easy washable and dry quickly.
  • Contain hanging hole and string for hanging after use.

My Choice

In this category, my choice is GREENRAIN bath body brush. Its design is nice and user-friendly. And its bristles are very comfy.

04. Exfoliating Gloves

Exfoliating hand glovesloofah alternativesIt is a handy scrubbing tool to exfoliate body in the shower. It seems you just scrub your body with hands. Like all other scrubbers, you will get lots of variations in exfoliating gloves. Most of the exfoliating glove has fingers just like your regular hand gloves. Some are without fingers. It is also known as exfoliating mitt. You can choose whatever you want. All of them give almost the same exfoliation.


  • Great to exfoliate all parts of body excepts back.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Great to use with any kind of body cleanser including soap.
  • Rewashable and reusable for long use.
  • You can wring it for quick dry.

My Choice

Here Evridwear exfoliating gloves draw my attention. It is an exfoliating glove with fingers. If you want to feel the exfoliation with hands, just use it.

05. Washcloth

loofah alternativesloofah alternativesA washcloth is a must-have accessory for our skincare routine. Basically, a washcloth is a small form of towel. It is used to wash face. But, you can use it to exfoliate your body. It is really small and doesn’t occupy much space. Just wet your washcloth, put body wash on it, and exfoliate your body just like other scrubbers.


  • Serves multiple usages.
  • Ensures smooth exfoliation.
  • Doesn’t hurt skin.
  • washable with detergent which makes it less prone to bacteria.

My Choice

There are lots of high-quality washcloths available in the market. You can use any of them. Just make sure your one is cotton made.

06. Bath Sponge

Sponge for showerloofah alternativesBath sponge is another loofah alternative for soft and smooth exfoliation. This is perfect for everyday exfoliation. Don’t think it just an exfoliating sponge. A bath sponge contains many moisturizing and skincare ingredients. Definitely, you can not get it from a loofah. Like all scrubber, you can also use it with your favorite body wash and cleanser.


  • Very soft and smooth texture.
  • Ensures smooth exfoliation than anything else.
  • Can be used by all aged people.
  • Cares your skin than any other exfoliants.

My Choice

In the case of shower sponge, Spongeables Body Wash in a Sponge is best. Because it is infused with lots of skin-caring ingredients. Among them, vitamin E and moisturizing blend of olive oil make your skin soft and healthy.

07. Electric Body Scrubber

loofah alternativesloofah alternativesIt is a gift of modern technology. You can exfoliate your body with electric body exfoliator. It is very easy to operate and doesn’t cost you much. You can also use your favorite body wash with it to clean your body. Both battery-operated and rechargeable body scrubber available in the market. You can pick anyone that gives you more comfort.


  • Doesn’t waste your energy to exfoliate.
  • Great to exfoliate body in mid-shower.
  • Have variations in brushes to give multiple levels of exfoliation.
  • Have a long handle to exfoliate hard to reach area.
  • Give a modern look to your bathroom.

My Choice

Honestly, I don’t like this gadget very much. Though it is an invention of modern technology. You can try one if want. But, consider the user reviews before buy.

The Last Words

I hope now you know well what to use instead of loofah. You can use any of those to clean your body. Please, let me know your feelings of using these body scrubbers.

Be fresh and be happy.