How to Cover Wrinkles with Airbrush Makeup

After celebrating your 30’s birthday, you might notice some unsightly things start appearing on your face. These are tiny fine lines. It is the initial stage of wrinkles and most of the time we neglect it. As a result…

We see them vigorously after 35’s or 40’s birthday, as a form of deep fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and more. I am sure, in the meantime, you tried various skincare products like collagen boosters, peptides, moisturizers, serum, etc. to diminish the aging signs. In spite of doing all these, there are some remains on the skin that need to be covered to look stunning at a party or wedding ceremony. Here’s makeup can help you.

In this situation, you have two options, traditional makeup system and airbrush makeup system. As you come to this post, I am sure, you are in confusion about them. You know the traditional makeup system can cover the wrinkles and fine lines but you have to compromise the natural look, where airbrush makeup can give you natural coverage.

But, the question is, does airbrush makeup cover the wrinkles and fine lines successfully? Well, I will answer that step by step. After reading this post, you will definitely know whether it is possible or not.

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Know First the Characteristics of Mature Skin

Remember, you got a nice flawless coverage easily at your young age. But, it is hard today as you have mature skin now. To get a beautiful look after applying makeup, you need to know the characteristics of the mature skin first.

Mature skin is quite different than younger skin, as it develops various types of aging signs. Moreover, the skin pores are getting larger. And the even tone of younger-looking skin is completely damaged now. The skin loses its elasticity and sagginess appears. In this condition, you need to cautious and focus on some specific areas while applying makeup.

Does Airbrush Makeup Cover Wrinkles?

It depends on some factors. First of all, success depends on the conditions of wrinkles. If your wrinkles are in the initial stage, you can cover them easily with the airbrush makeup kit. If the wrinkles are quite deep you need to apply it more skillfully. Because it is important how skilled you are to apply airbrush makeup. If you are good at it, you can definitely get the result. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, it doesn’t take years to master at it, only a few trials and errors can give what you want.

What You Need

You just need two things to do makeup on your mature skin, a moisturizer, and an airbrush makeup kit. You know an airbrush makeup kit contains everything you need including primer, foundations, blush, bronzer, etc. Now you are ready to go.

Steps to Cover Wrinkles with Airbrush Makeup

Here you will get airbrush makeup tips to cover wrinkles completely. Just follow the tips step by step.

Step 1: Apply a Moisturizer

For mature skin, you should moisturize facial skin first. Apply a water-based moisturizer on your skin prior to at least one hour. It will help to soften your wrinkles and fine lines and make them less visible. It will also let the makeup set easily on the skin.

Step 2: Apply Primer

Applying primer is a must done work before all kind of makeup application. As a mature skin, a silicone-based primer is a great option for you. It fills up the gap between wrinkles and fine lines and gives a smooth appearance. It also lets the foundations sit well and help to last long.

Step 3: Focus on Specific Areas

Some parts of your face are more affected by aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines than others. To coverup them, you need to keep focus on those specific parts. It includes the areas under eyes, around the nose, between eyebrows, around and over chin, forehead, etc.

Take a light-toned foundation and apply to those areas with airbrush stylus. You should hold the stylus close to the skin to get a thicker coverage than normal. It helps to cover the deep wrinkles of those specific areas perfectly. After that, let the foundation dry. Don’t apply another layer over a wet layer. Now you are ready to apply makeup all over your face with the airbrush stylus.

Step 4: Makeup Entire Face

To makeup entire face, hold an airbrush stylus six inches far from your face. Press the trigger and pull back slowly to release the foundation. Move your hand slowly in a circular motion to spread the foundation evenly. After completing let it dry. You can spray only air to make the drying process fast. For this, just press the trigger, it will allow only the air to flow. After drying, if you are not satisfied with the result, spray another layer, but don’t do it much otherwise it will ruin your natural look.

Step 5: Final Touch

Now take blush and spray on your cheek to highlight it. This is not to cover your wrinkles, rather distract other’s attention from wrinkles and fine lines. The intensity of blush depends on your preferences. Now spray a makeup setter to let the makeup last long. Congratulations, you are done now.

Wrinkle Reduction Tips

To cover your wrinkles with makeup you should reduce the intensity of the wrinkles. Otherwise, you won’t get the expected result from makeup. Here are some basic tips to reduce wrinkles from inside and outside.

  • Drink plenty of water every day.
  • Eat vegetables as much as you can.
  • Make sure your diet is balanced.
  • Avoid or limit eating junk foods.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Always keep your skin hydrated with organic and natural moisturizers.
  • Exfoliate at least once a week.
  • Use collagen or peptides products.
  • Keep your skin protected from sun rays.

Supporting Video

This video tutorial will help you a lot to cover wrinkles with the airbrush makeup kit.

The Last Words

Covering wrinkles with airbrush makeup is possible. If you do it at home, you need to practice a few times for a perfect finish. Hope now you can celebrate any occasion with a stunning look.

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