How to Clean A Foot File in a Easiest Way

As the base of the body, our feet need care. And one of the best tools to care our feet is foot file. It keeps our feet soft, smooth, and problem free. It gives us beautiful and baby like feet.

To keep our feet healthy, we need to clean the foot file as well. If we don’t, it will be the cause of our next foot problem. A dirty foot file can easily spread bacteria and fungi to your feet and nails.

So, clean your foot file regularly to keep your feet healthy and fit.

Benefits of Cleaning Foot File

Foot file is a very important tool for foot care. It cares our feet by removing corn, calluses, hard skin, and cracks. And, your foot file also deserves care. You should clean your foot file to get the better result every time you use. Otherwise, your skin may get stuck into the abrasive surface of the foot file. With time it will be a suitable breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. And, it may cause unwanted health problems to your feet.

A clean foot file gives you better pedicure treatment compared to a dirty one. Regular cleaning also improves the shelf life your foot file. Beyond all, for better foot hygiene, you should take care of your pedicure tools including foot file.

How to Clean Foot File

Cleaning foot file is very easy. There are different types of foot file available in the market. It includes terracotta foot file, pumice stone, electric foot file, and other types of foot files. The basic cleaning process is almost same for every foot file. It may slightly vary due to the material, size, and shape of the foot file. Don’t worry, today I will tell you the way of cleaning almost every type of foot file. Let’s see…How to clean a foot file

Terracotta Foot File Cleaning

The terracotta foot file is made of mud. It is highly effective to scrub the hard skin of your feet. After use, you should clean it carefully as it made with mud. For cleaning, use body wash, detergent, or liquid soap. Don’t use soap bar because it might get stuck on the surface of the terracotta foot file. Now, use a soft brush to clean it gently. You can use a used toothbrush for this purpose. After cleaning, wash your foot file with forced water. Let it dry and store in a dry place for the next use.

Cleaning Pumice Stone

Pumice stone is the best tool to care your feet. It is natural and made of earth’s volcanic lava. There are two types of pumice stone foot file available in the market. One is just pumice stone with the ergonomic shape and another is pumice stone with handle. You can use any of these pumice stones.

Cleaning pumice stone is little bit tricky, as its surface is abrasive and has lots of pores. The loose skin of your feet can easily get stuck inside the pores. First, use a brush and liquid soap to clean the surface of the pumice stone. But, it is not enough to clean the pumice stone completely. Only forced water can clean your pumice stone deeply. You can clean it just putting it under the tap if your tap water has enough force. Otherwise, you should use a water spray bottle to clean your pumice stone. Make sure the water goes inside the pores with full force.

If your pumice stone has a string hole, you should clean it carefully. You can clean it by moving the string back and forth on the wall of the hole. Now dry the pumice stone and make sure no water gets stuck inside the pores. After that, Keep it in a dry place. And don’t forget to clean your pumice stone just after use.

Electric Foot Roller Cleaning

This is another awesome tool to buff away dry hard skin from your feet. Like other foot files, it is not suitable to use while bathing. You can use it after a bath or anytime when your feet remain dry. It is great for surface level scrubbing.

To clean electric foot file, don’t put it directly into water or under tap head. You should remove the roller head from the body first. After removing roller head, wash it with liquid soap and a brush. Make it dry like other foot files. Now attach it with the body of the foot file and keep it in a safe and dry place for next use.

Other Foot Files Cleaning

Besides the above-mentioned foot file, there are some other types of foot files such as stainless still fool file, coarse sand artificial foot file, sandpaper foot file, etc available in the market. You can clean all of them easily with a brush and liquid soap. Just for stainless steel foot file, don’t touch its surface with your fingers or hands to avoid cut or scratch.

Foot File Disinfections

It is ok to clean a foot file just after use. But, it is not enough to stop the germ buildup on the foot file. That’s why you need to disinfect your foot file at least once a month. And it is really easy.

Just take a dish of boiling water and pour ½ cup of Listerine mouthwash in it. Now put your foot file or pumice stone into it. Keep it for 15-20 minutes into the boiling water. This time is enough to kill all the germs of your foot file. After that, bring it out from boiling water and dry. Now your foot file is fully clean and free of bacteria and fungi.

The Last Words

Hope, you can now clean and take care of your foot file properly. It just a five minutes job. Don’t neglect it.

Be happy.