CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1.25″ Straightening Iron Review

Straight hair gives an unexplainable but attractive look. Unfortunately, it cost huge if you do straight hair by a hairstylist regularly. The only way to cut down this cost is by using your hair straightener at home.

Here the question is which one you should use. There are lots of hair straightener (from cheap to expensive) out in the market. Among them today I will introduce you with CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1.25 inches Straightening Iron.

It is a nice product for hairstyling at a reasonable price. Let see every detail of this hair straightening iron.

Things Inside Box

You will get this straightener in a nice looking box. Inside the box you will get two things, a ceramic & titanium straightening iron and a heat protecting mat. The iron is connected to a plug with a long cord. And the mat color is red.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening hair iron review

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Key Features

The main feature of this flat iron is its ceramic and titanium plate. This plate is 1.25 inches wide and 4 inches long with smooth at the edge. It helps to make your hair silky smooth and protect from heat damage.

The operating panel sits between the arms of this flat iron. With it, you can easily control the temperature as you want. It has a power button, a mode button, and a plus-minus button to increase or decrease temperature.

CHI G2 flat iron has a nice digital temperature display over its one arm. It helps to adjust the temperature for your hair. This display has a color indicator for various types of hair. I will give detailed information about this display later.

It has a long cord for easy use. Unbelievably it is 11 feet. You can connect your flat iron from a remote electric point. This cord has a Velcro tape by which you can tie the cord if don’t need that much length.

Its heat protecting mat is really helpful. You should place the hot iron over it to avoid any kind of burning. It also has Velcro tape to wrap the flat iron with the mat.

Besides all these, you also get a dual voltage option to use this straightener while traveling outside the USA.

Digital Display Explanation

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Iron have a nice digital display to control the temperature very easily.

When you switch on the power button, its initial temperature will reach 350°F. It takes less than a minute to heat the iron. Then you can increase the temperature with the help of the mode button or plus button. The maximum temperature of this flat iron is 425°F.

The mode button gives you three temperature options. With first press the temperature sets to 370°F. Here the display color remains blue and this temperature is suitable for fine or fragile hair. The blue color range is 0°F to 370°F.

CHI G2 digital display explanation

After the second press the temperature shift to 395°F and the color to green. The green color ranging from 370°F to 395°F. This temperature range is ideal for medium and wavy hair. With the third press, this flat iron reaches the highest temperature, 425°F. Then the display color turn to red and the temperature range of this red color is 400°F to 425°F. It is suitable for coarse hair.

Original Vs Fake

It is very important to know the original CHI G2 hair straightener. Some of the users reported that they got the fake CHI G2 hair iron. Though the numbers of report are very low. But, what if, unfortunately you get the fake one. To avoid this, you should buy CHI G2 flat iron from Because amazon is the direct seller of CHI brand.


In a single sentence, the purpose of CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Iron is turning your hair styling process much easier than before. With this handy tool, you can make your hair straight, curly, and flippy. You can do some other styles as well.


CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron is highly beneficial in terms of hair straightening. if you haven’t used it yet, I would say you missed the experience of doing hair with an awesome hair straightener. Let me tell you the benefits step by step.

Super Handy

If you buy CHI G2 hair straightener, you have to say that it is user friendly. It has all the options to let you use this straightener with ease. Its buttons are in-between arms so that you can operate it very easily while straightening hair.

And the digital display ensures you a smooth temperature control to protect your hair from any sort of heat damage. Moreover, this hair straightener is lightweight which is good for your wrist and hands. Its sleek design makes it handy to use.

Quick Heating

This is really an amazing performance for a hair straightener. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron heats up quickly compared to others. The manufacture stated 40 seconds heating up time and at this point, the temperature rises to 350°F.

But, in reality, it heats up a few seconds earlier than the manufacturer claim. Isn’t it cool!

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Safe to Use

Some cheap hair straighteners not only heat the iron plate but also transfer some heat to the body as well. It gives an uncomfortable feeling while using a flat iron. In this case, the CHI G2 straightener is a safe product. It won’t transfer the heat to its body. That’s why you can use it with full safety.

Cut Down the Straightening Time

Almost every previous user agrees with this point. Usually, you need to use a hair iron for 50-60 minutes to straighten hair. Though it depends on hair length and hair type. Here CHI G2 hair iron gifts you some minutes for your busy life. You just need 20-30 minutes to make your hair straight.

Gives Silky finish

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Flat Iron is good at its work. It gives a silky finish to your hair. It happens due to the combined plate of ceramic and titanium. This flat iron glides on your hair easily and makes it silky smooth. You also stay safe from hair-pulling problems caused by cheap hair iron.

Good for Professional Use

If you are a professional hairstylist, the CHI G2 straightener would be a worthy tool for you. It gives pro-finish to your customer’s hair. Its long cord (11 feet) allows you to use this iron from every angle.

The best part of CHI G2 flat iron for professional use is its long durability. Some users of the CHI brand stated that their previous hair straightener lasted for 10 years (wow!). Hope you understand how good this brand is for professional hair styling purpose.

Smooth Temperature Control

This is one of the major KPI of this hair straightener. You can control its temperature from 350°F to 425°F. The 3-mode option gives you a different temperature for different hair types. You can also adjust the temperature with the plus and minus buttons according to your need.

CHI G2 straightener has another function to save your electricity bill and keep you safe from heat damage. If you keep it idle for a long time, it will reset back automatically. Some reviewers have marked this as a con of this flat iron, but I take this option positively.

Suitable for All Hair Types

You can use this hair straightener for any type of hair. It includes fine, wavy, curly, coarse, etc. Just make sure your hair is healthy enough for straightening.

Besides straightening you can do some other styles as well. If you want to make your hair curly or flippy, use CHI G2 flat iron.


This is a durable hair straightener to use. If you handle it carefully, you can use it for up to five years. Surprisingly some hair straightener of CHI brand lasted for 10 years. Moreover, to keep you tension free, CHI gives you “2 Years Limited Warranty”.

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User Satisfaction Level

Amazingly 79% of its previous users are satisfied with the result. And 7% are satisfied with some minor complaints. So, I can say that it is a trustworthy hair straightener to use.

The Last Words

I tried to cover all angles of CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Straightening Iron. Hope it helps to give you little information about this flat iron before buy. If you want my recommendation, it is a worthy hair straightener. You could give it a try, but the decision is always yours.