Best Lip Balm for Dry and Dark Lips (Top 10 in 2021)

Two problems: Dry lips & Dark lips.

If you want to solve them separately, it will cost you double.

So, a single solution is always better. And the single solution is a lip balm that works on dry and dark lips.

Firstly, it protects your lips from losing the moisture, then provides optimum hydration to fill the lack. It lets your lips to glow by fading the darkness. Today, the manufacturers also put essential nutrients to it to make your lips nourished and sexy.

Here, I have made a list of best lip balm for dry and dark lips. They are really awesome and work well on your dark chapped lips.

Let’s see…

The Best Lip Balms for Dry and Dark Lips

01. Jaowying Beauty Jujub Pomegranate Lip Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsThis lip balm cares your lips with shea butter, alpha-arbutin, sativus fruit extract, and more. It helps you to stay out of your dry and dark lip problem. It gives you beautiful and smooth lips with proper moisturization.

This best lip balm to lighten dark lips gradually lifts pigments to make your lips attractive. It not only lightens lips but also improves the overall appearance of your pout. It comes with a fresh juicy fruity flavor to refresh your mind. Free of disgusting stickiness.

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02. Dermolast Age Defying Lip and Eye Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsThis lip balm comes with awesome skin-caring ingredients like peptides, plant stem cells, and hyaluronic acid. It gives you lighter lips by eliminating the blood originated pigments responsible for dark circles and local inflammation. It gives the premium and best lip care for dark lips that you deserve.

You can also use it on your eye area. It helps you to get a younger look and firmer skin. And you definitely get noticed by your friends and family.

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03. Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm with Spf 20

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsThis tinted lip balm helps you to get sexier lips. It adds a sheer tint for a revitalizing look and feels. You will get improved texture and color just within a week. It provides optimum moisture to get sexy lips. It helps to make your dry and dark lips soft and rosy.

This lip balm with SPF for dark lips also protects your lips from the damaging sun rays. It contains SPF 20. And thus it helps your lips to stay away from being dark.

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04. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Moisturizing Lip Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsIt is a superb moisturizing lip balm for your dry and dark lips. It cares your lips with beeswax, vitamin E, and peppermint. This lip balm moisturizes your lips well and gives a soothing sensation. It not only moisturizes but also nourishes and hydrates dry lips for an attractive look.

For the safety of your lip’s skin, Burt Bees lip balm is made of 100% natural ingredients. Fully free of parabens, phthalates, petroleum, and SLS. Use it right now for a sexier pout with the sexiest lips.

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05. ArtNaturals Natural Beeswax Lip Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsIt is a set of six delicious, lip-smacking tropical-flavored lip balms for dry and dark lips. Here you will get eucalyptus mint, island coconut, passion pitaya, mango papaya, hibiscus blossom, and grapefruit tropic. All the lip balms are a combination of beeswax, jojoba, coconut, and sunflower seed oil. It moisturizes and protects your lip skin.

These lip balms also contain antioxidants and vitamins to heal and nourish your lips. It helps you to get rosy and nice lips. All its ingredients are 100% natural. Can be used under or over the lipstick.

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06. La Lune Naturals USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsThese are certified organic lip balms for sweet, rosy, nourished, and kissable lips. The key strengths of these lip balms are beeswax, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, and more. This lip balm pack contains four flavor- peppermint, Asian peer, raspberry, and vanilla bean.

These organic lip balms for dark lips are perfect for all aged people. You can use them on dry lips, chapped lips, and cracked lips. And they are also usable as a lipstick base. Free of harsh chemicals.

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07. Smith’s Three Lavish Layers Lip Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsA superb lip balm pack for the dry and chapped lip. Regular use will make your lip kissable and glowing. It moisturizes your lips well and improves the overall appearance and color of your lips.

Additionally, you can also use this lip balm for diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns, and rough cuticles. With this purchase, you will get three flavor- minted rose, rosebud salve, and strawberry. You should use it to be sexy with smooth and glowing lips.

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08. DHC Lip Cream for Dry and Dark Lips

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsIt is a conditioning lip balm for dry and dark lips. It provides long-lasting moisture to your lips with a blend of skin softening botanicals. This lip balm contains vitamin E to fight the vertical lines of your lips. It also contains aloe vera and olive oil to soothe and nourish your dry lips and neutralize free radicals.

You can use this lip balm under or over the lipstick. It adds gloss to your lips when you use it over lipstick.

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09. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lip Balm

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsHere you get four flavored lip balms – naked, peppermint, lemon-lime, orange ginger. These lip balms are made of beeswax, jojoba, avocado, and hemp oil. All its ingredients are organic for the safety of your lips. They are also USDA National Organic Program Standards certified.

You will notice a lovable fragrance in them. And for your kind information, all the fragrances come from the finest organic essential oils.

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10. EOS Lip Balm for Dry and Dark Lips

best lip balm for dry and dark lipsThese are 100% natural lip balms which give smooth and nourished lips. The key strength of these lip balms are shea butter, jojoba oil, and anti-oxidant rich vitamin E. It gives you quick relief from dry lips and helps you get a pinkish attractive look.

These lip balms provide long-lasting moisture and make your lips smooth and clear. It is free of parabens and petroleum and never tested on animals. Use these lip balms on your lips to make every pout and kiss special.

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The Last Words

Now it is your turn. Pick the best one to get the lightened, sexy, hydrated, and kissable lips. If you have any queries regarding the best lip balm for dry and dark lips, just use the comment box or mail me.