Best Expensive Heel Brand in the World (in 2021)

Do you know which things enhance beauty, status, and fame in the world of show off?

Yes, they are the Top Brands.

World’s riches spend more on top brands to look gorgeous, wealthy, and obviously famous.

And, shoe or heel is not out of that list. A lot of top high heel brands lead the market with their top quality, worthy, and fashionable heels.

The main customers of these famous heel brands are the celebrity, billionaire, business tycoon, and the people alike. They fill their shoe closet with the latest collection of top branded heels.

You might wonder to know which luxury high heel brands are in the top position in 2019. Which designer heel brands attract the riches and celebrities most to shake the world of fashion. Most important thing is that you can keep some of them in your shoe closets too.

Here you get the top 10 heel brands that satisfied their customers for years and still doing the same in 2019. Let’s see the best heel brand in the world.

1. Louis Vuitton

Founded: 1854
Headquarter: Paris, France
Revenue: $9.9 billion (2017)

best heel brand in the world

Louis Vuitton is one of the best brands for heels. It is also famous to all for shoe, purse, and luggage. It is a well-known brand for its trendiness and common as a household name of the Elite. The heels of this brand reflect the status of wealthy women.

This brand was marked as Most Valuable Luxury Brand from 2006 to 2012. The heels of this brand have all the values to fit with luxury. It is a brand of pride and self-satisfaction. If you have a pair of Louis Vuitton heel, definitely you will be the gossiping topic of your surroundings.

2. Gucci

Founded: 1921
Headquarter: Florence, Italy
Revenue: $4.3 billion (2016)

best heel brand in the world

Gucci is an Italian brand of fashion. It is internationally popular for its luxurious leather bags. Its shoe section is also awesome with lots of varieties. The heels of this brand are great for quality and comfort.

People like these heels because of its comfiness and long-lasting quality. If you wear this, you should have to set a mentality of receiving a huge positive compliment from others. You can easily choose your perfect one from a huge variety of colors and designs.

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3. Alexander McQueen

Founded: 1992
Headquarter: London, UK

best heel brand in the world

This heel brand gives shoe lover a taste of clean, sleek, and elegant fashion. Alexander McQueen brand is well-known for the perfect mix of strength and femininity. It is one of the most expensive shoe brands in the world. It is founded by British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

You can wear this highly fashionable heel in any gorgeous occasion. The design of Alexander McQueen heel comes with high-quality leathers, sumptuous suede, luxurious print, fabrics, and more. It has lots of colors so that you can match it to any designer clothing. Its huge designs and perfect styling can help you to grab attention at the party or fashion festive.

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4. Christian Louboutin

best heel brand in the world

Founded: 1991
Headquarter: Paris, France

Christian Louboutin is one of the best heel brands to the shoe lover who loves to wear expensive high heels. This brand is named after the French shoe designer Christian Louboutin. The red sole of this heel become the signature of this brand. It brings a variety of colors and styles for its customers.

Christian Louboutin has owned top position at renowned award-winning lists for many times. Considering the demand of the people, it brings design variations, such as leather, canvas, animal print, satin finish, and much more. This brand gives the women shoe industry a new dimension with luxurious fashion.

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5. Manolo Blahnik

Founded: 1970
Headquarter: London, UK

best heel brand in the world

It dominates the heel industries since 1970. This brand is famous for the unmatched quality of its handmade variations. The designs of this brand are very dressy and sophisticated in nature. It makes this brand appropriate for both corporate and celebrity world. The Sex and the City TV show helps this brand to achieve a household name.

This expensive heel brand really worth its price. You can choose your desired heels from its variety of collections. It is designed with many textures including patent leather, suede, and other attractive materials. Decoration with fur, feathers, jewels, flowers, bows, and other accessories adds an additional specialty to this brand.

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6. Jimmy Choo

Founded: 1996
Headquarter: London, UK

best heel brand in the world

This expensive high heel brand is named after the famous Chinese shoe designer Jimmy Choo. He introduced this brand in 1996. Jimmy Choo brand is characterized by the unusual use of feathers, fur, and jewelry ornaments. This catchy and awesome design makes this brand preferable to the fashion loving women around the world.

It brings variation in design with leather, velvet, silk fabrics, cork wedges and more. Some designs have a perfect combination of different textures. It is a favorite brand of Hollywood celebrity and perfect for the red carpet walk. A shoe cupboard doesn’t look complete without the presence of the Jimmy Choo heels.

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7. Brian Atwoodbest heel brands in the world

Brian Atwood shoe brand is a perfect balance of playful and flashy style. This brand was launched in 2011. Since then, it has created bold and beautiful heels that everyone loves. Brian Atwood, the founder of this brand got “Shoe Designer of the Year” in 2010 and 2011 by Red Carpet Fashion Awards.

The heels of this brand are crafted by the quality material from the top manufacturers in Italy. This brand produces heel with patent leather, Italian leather, sophisticated suede, fabrics, glittery sequins, and more. It offers a variety of colors and trendy designs for the personal wear, party, fashion, and even for the gorgeous red carpet event.

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8. Miu Miu

Founded: 1993
Headquarter: Milan, Italy

best heel brand in the world

This is an expensive but favorite brand for shoe lovers and fashionable ladies. And no one can overlook it because of its high-quality design. This brand was established in 1993 as a part of the Prada Fashion House. It is an Italian brand with luxury, fashion, and glory.

This brand is a mix design of electric and elegant sophistication. The Neutral tone is the main theme of this heel brand. It is a perfect footwear brand with a variety of designs with buckles, glittery, and subtle accessories. You can wear this heel brand at the party, fashion walk, clubbing, and red carpet.

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9. Stuart Weitzman


Stuart Weitzman trendy high heels with strap

This brand was founded in Massachusetts. The most amazing thing is that this footwear got the Oscar nomination. The expensive heels of this brand are famous for quality materials, glittering designs, and studded sky-high heel. It comes with a variety of colors such as cool & warm hues, neutrals, prints, vibrant metallic and much more.

It also brings variation in textures including patent leather, leather, suede, satin, fabrics, corks and much more. This brand has the capacity to meet all your footwear taste. You can pick your elegant high heels, trendy strappy sandals, or party pump shoe from this brand to draw the attention of all.

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10. Walter Steiger

Walter Steiger high heel with innovative design

Founded: 1932
Headquarter: Geneva, Switzerland

This heel brand serves the fashion world since 1932 with the crafted and inspiring shoe collection. It is most popular for its matchless and innovative designs. Anybody can identify this brand with its unique arc bend design.

The heels of this brand are well known for the cleanliness of the proportion and lines. Today, it is a brand of luxury, bold, and beauty. This brand has had collaboration with famous fashion houses like Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta, Calvin Klein, and Nina Ricci. It is also a favorite brand of Victoria Beckham.

These are the best heel brands that shake the world of footwear. Now it is your decision to choose one to shake your surroundings.

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