Best Proven Beard Kit for African American (10 in 2021)

An African American man with beard is a symbol of masculinity. It reflects the toughness of a man. But you should groom and maintain it well to look better. And here’s come the necessity of best beard grooming kit.

African American beard is tough in nature. You need to provide special care to groom your beard. You should use beard oil and balm which gives nourishing benefits along with hydration. And they should be natural and organic to ensure maximum safety to the beard.

Anyway, today I listed the best beard kit for African Americans. These beard grooming kits help you to get a soft, healthy, silky, and manageable beard to own the look you deserve. Let’s see.

Why You Need Specialized Beard Grooming Kit

I used the “specialized” word in the heading because the beard of African American men is quite different than others. The tendency of growing beard in black men is getting higher than the rest and increases day by day. I swear, no other ethnic group looks good with the beard as you are.

But the problem arises when you need to manage your African American beard as it is tough and rough as you are.

Generally, African American beard is thick, coarse, curly, and hard to manage. It also grows slowly compared to other beard types. It needs more oil as the natural oil production of the skin isn’t enough to moisturize an African American beard. That’s why you need a beard grooming kit that can meet all the needs of your beard.

In my listed kits, all beard care products are natural and some are organic. They not only clean and moisturize your beard but also nourish with potent ingredients. They make your beard soft and shiny, improve the texture, prevent brittleness, and eliminate dandruff. You will get a soft and conditioned beard so that you can manage them with ease.

Besides the beard wash, oil, and balm you also get some other kits to groom beard at home. All of them are made of high-quality materials by thinking about the health and wellness of your beard.

I think you won’t need anything else to care of your African American beard if you choose a kit listed below. But, the decision is always yours and I appreciate it.

Best Beard Grooming Kit for African American

01. Bossman Essentials Beard Kit for Men

Items in Kit

A. Relaxing beard balm B. Jelly beard oil C. Intense beard conditioner

How You Benefitted

Bossman beard kit is one of the top-selling brands in the market. And amazing thing is that 9 out of 10 people are fully happy with the result. This beard grooming kit doesn’t occupy so many items like others. But, it is great for all types of beard including African Americans. This kit is capable to meet the potential needs of a black, curly, dense, and thick beard.

This beard kit gives you a soft and shiny beard. Its conditioner replenishes your beard and stimulates facial pores to promote the growth and health of beards. As the African American beard is thick and hard, the jelly beard oil of Bossman beard kit works great on it. You will get a moisturized and smooth beard with enhanced bonding between the hair follicles and skin pores. It also prevents beard itchiness and repairs your dry and brittle hair by providing essential nutrients.

Likewise, its beard balm is amazing for long term moisturization. It contains natural oils with butter like wax act as a moisture sealant. This balm helps your beard to grow faster.

All these are great to get a nice smooth beard for a stunning manly look. It boosts your confidence as well. Bossman beard grooming kit comes with 5 different scents. You can choose anyone as a great beard grooming kit for you or a nice surprise gift for your loved one.

In this beard grooming kit, you will get a nice stainless-steel scissor and a wooden brush with 100% boar bristle. The scissor is so sharp has a rubber stopper and an adjustable bolt. And the brush is handy with super soft and flexible bristles to manage your beard and mustache.

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02. Rapid Beard Grooming and Trimming Kit for Black Men

Items in Kit

A. Unscented beard oil B. Mustache and beard balm C. Beard brush D. Beard comb E. Scissors

How You Benefitted

Rapid beard is a renowned brand in men’s grooming. They tried their best to make a man more manly. They give the mustache, beard, and hair a new dimension by thinking them more than a hair. Every beard has a story and Rapid Beard helps you to tell it beautifully to others.

This beard grooming kit has every essential tool that you need to grow and maintain a beautiful beard. Its beard oil is not just an ordinary beard oil, it is 100% pure, natural, and organic. This highly focused beard oil contains jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, argan oil, ginger extract, and grape seed extract. It not only moisturizes your skin but also conditions with the perfect formula. It is unscented and gives you a problem-free, moisturized, silky soft, and smooth beard.

This organic beard balm consists of beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, macadamia oil, and almond oil. It helps to lock the moisture and nutrients inside your beard and mustache. Besides, it also helps to give a nice shape to curly and hard African American beard. Completely fragrance-free and great to care for a long and short beard.

Besides, you will get a super sharp stainless-steel scissor, a wooden comb, and a wooden brush. You can use this scissor to do some personal styling at home. This scissor has a rubber stopper and adjustable bolt for ease use. The comb is very handy to use and the brush gives you ultra-comfort while cleaning your beard. It has a soft and flexible bristle as it is made of 100% boar hair.

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03. Maison Lambert Ultimate Beard Kit for African American

Items in Kit

A. Organic beard oil B. Organic beard balm C. Beard shampoo D. Organic mustache wax E. Bar soap F. Comb

How You Benefitted

I am amazed by the popularity of this beard care kit as its price is pretty high compared to others. It is unbelievable that almost every users are highly satisfied with the result in spite of its high price. I think it happens only because of quality, and Maison Lambert brand didn’t compromise with it. I swear It would be a nice gift for your loved one.

All the beard care products of this beard grooming kit are completely safe as they are organic. They are good enough for sensitive skin as well. They also prevent itching if you have before.

Its beard oil and beard balm provide moisturizing and nourishing care to your beard. They make your beard healthy by preventing brittleness, split edge, and rough texture. The beard balm creates a protective barrier to prevent moisture loss.

Before using oil and balm, don’t forget to wash your face with the amazing bar shampoo. It is quite unusual to see a shampoo in bar form. But it works great, produces rich and soft leather to make your beard clean and revitalized.

You will also get a wooden comb made of sandalwood. Its teeth are super fine and glide smoothly throughout the beard without snagging. And the mustache wax lets you shape your nice mustache to hold a royal manly look.

All the products come with a nice heavenly aroma. You will definitely love it. And the wooden cigar box is awesome to arrange all the items in a place. A worthy beard grooming kit for a true man.

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04. Isner Mile Upgraded Beard Kit for African American

Items in Kit

A. Beard oil B. Beard Balm C. Beard wash D. Wooden comb E. Wooden brush F. Scissor G. Shaping template H. Ebook named “Beard Bible”

How You Benefitted

Isner Mile is one of the renowned brands in the beard grooming industry. They help you to get the manly look with the beard you deserve. Its 8 in 1 beard grooming kit lets the beard tell your story in a different way. It is great for any kind of beard including your thick, dense, and curly African American beard.

The beard oil of Isner Mile is a combination of the highest quality carrier and essential oil, and they are completely organic. It helps to maintain your beard in the healthiest way. You will get a moisturized, soft, and shiny beard with regular use.

Like all beard balm, Isner Mile beard balm works as a sealant to hold the moisture for a long time. Besides beeswax, it contains jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, shea butter, and sweet orange oil to nourish your beard. Like beard oil, this beard balm is also organic. It helps your beard to hold the shape you want.

The beard wash is a good addition to this kit. It is made by keeping the purpose of the beard in mind. You will get a clean and replenished beard for a fresh and charming look.

Other kits (comb, brush, and scissor) are great for personal styling. The scissor is made of stainless steel and the brush and comb are made of wood. The brush contains boar bristle which helps to distribute the oil evenly throughout the beard. You also get a shaping template to shape your beard easily at home. All these equipment are good to care for all types of the beard of all ages. It would be a nice gift for your loved one on a special occasion.

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05. Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit for Men

Items in Kit

A. Beard oil B. Beard balm C. Comb D. Beard brush E. Scissor

How you Benefitted

Viking represents the rough and tough men with a long beard. Their work was not good but the manly look still appreciable today. And the Viking Revolution beard kit helps you to get that cool look. It is great for every type of beard either you are African American or Native American. The beard kit is good enough to manage hair from rough to soft.

To maintain a healthy beard moisturization is must. Here the beard oil gives you that benefits. It moisturizes and nourishes your beard for a glowing look. It also removes the dull and damaged look of your beard with regular use. This beard oil is unscented, but the balm comes with a nice citrus scent. The Viking Revolution balm helps you managing beard with ease. It also enhances beard health by locking moisture inside.

Its beard balm is made of 100% boar bristle which is flexible and soft enough to care beard without hampering its texture. Double-sided comb gives the freedom to manage both rough thick or fine soft beards. And the stainless-steel scissor saves your money by not letting you go to the salon for small trimming and styling.

Besides, you will get a Viking looking metal gift box where you can arrange all the items easily. It will also make the person happy if you give him this beard grooming kit as a gift.

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06. BEARD REVERENCE Premium Beard Grooming Kit

Items in Kit

A. Beard oil B. Beard wash C. Balm D. Beard brush E. Wooden comb F. Scissor

How You Benefitted

The BEARD REVERENCE men’s grooming brand was created by two friends. From the first day to now they tried to provide the premium quality men’s grooming products to enhance the beauty and personality of guys. And this kit has all the items you need to groom your beard personally at home.

One of the best items of this kit is beard wash. Don’t think it is a shampoo like product. This is specially made to wash beard and infused with argan oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. It not only cleanses your beard but also nourishes.

The beard oil provides enormous moisturization to your beard. Besides hydration, it also conditions your beard. And the beard balm locks the moisture and hold the shiny look for day long. All the ingredients of the beard balm and oil are organic and enriched with argan, jojoba, and tea tree essential oil. It also prevents itchiness and damaged beard due to the lack of nutrition.

This beard grooming kit contains a 100% boar bristle wooden brush. Its bristles are soft and smooth to manage beard without snagging. It also helps to spread the beard oil evenly throughout the beard. You will get pearwood made comb which will help to manage long hair. With all these, you will get a barber quality stainless steel scissor to do some style by own. And you will get all these in a magnet locked box with a toiletry bag.

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07. Lionbeard Beard Growth Grooming & Trimming Kit

Items in Kit

A. Comb B. Scissor C. Balm D. Brush E. Beard wash F. Beard oil G. Styling template H, Ebook

How You Benefitted

This brand treats a bearded man like a lion. It wants to bring that lion-like attitude to every men’s face. This beard balm and oil are made with 100% natural ingredients. And the other products meet the highest quality. This beard grooming kit is great for all types of beards, from thin to coarse and short to long.

As an African American, your beard is quite different than others, dense, thick, and slightly curly. Sometimes it is little hard to manage. The good news is, you can make the task easier with the help of Lionbeard beard grooming kit.

This kit can fulfill the daily need of your beard. You can do grooming and styling as you want. This beard balm and oil make your beard silky soft, smooth, and moisturized. Its beard oil contains tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, aloe vera, orange essential oil, etc. It not only makes your beard soft and shining but also promotes its growth. On the other hand, beard balm helps to lock the moisture inside by creating a protective layer with yellow beeswax. It also nourishes beard with shea butter, grape seed oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, etc.

And the beard wash is great to remove all the impurities without hampering its health. It fights dandruff, itching, and promotes hair regrowth by stimulating follicles. Along with cleaning, this beard wash also gives nourishing benefits. It is a great grooming kit to stay fashionable with a beard.

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08. Naturenics Premium Beard Kit for African American

Items in Kit

A. Beard balm B. Beard balm C. Double-sided comb D. Brush E. Scissor F. Ebook guide

How You Benefitted

Naturenics is a premium quality beard grooming kit for men including African Americans. It includes all the necessary items you need to groom and care for your beard. It is one of the best beard kits for African Americans among the thousand kits in the market.

Its beard oil is organic and provides intense hydration to promote healthy and soft beard. Aloe vera oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E are key elements of this beard oil and balm. It stimulates beard growth and eliminates dandruff and itchiness. Besides day-long hydration, Naturenics beard oil conditions your beard whether it long or short. And the beard balm helps to enhance the effectivity of oil by holding moisture and gives a soft appearance to the hard and curly African American beard. You just need to make a habit of using them regularly.

Other tools are also great to groom your beard. The double-sided comb helps you to comb both fine and coarse hair with ease. You can apply oil very easily with the help of this comb. The stainless-steel scissor is made in Japan.

This beard brush is slightly different than others on my list. It is made of the bamboo handle and 100% horse bristle. It would be a nice option for you if you are a Muslim. This beard brush is highly efficient to distribute oil and improve the texture of the beard.

All these items come with a handcrafted bamboo box with a magnetic lid. You can use this as a gift on any special occasion for your loved one who has beard.

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09. GrowABeard Grooming Kit for Men

Items in Kit

A. Beard balm B. Beard oil C. Comb D. Beard brush E. Scissor F. Beard shaping template

How You Benefitted

If you want a cheap beard grooming kit, this one is for you. GrowABeard is the cheapest beard grooming kit on my list with maximum quality. It helps you to get a true manly look with the beard. It has all the tools you need to groom and trim your beard.

For moisturization, you can use its beard oil and balm. They are made of highly potent ingredients. This beard oil conditions your skin and gives a healthier appearance. Jojoba infused beard wax helps you to reshape the beard for a gorgeous and attractive look.

You will get a stainless steel scissor along with a beard comb and brush. The wooden comb is so handy and small that it can fit easily inside your pocket. And the beard brush is made of 100% boar bristle which lets you detangle hair very easily. It also stimulates sebum production to enhance hair growth and make it healthy. You also get a shaping template to do some personal styling at home and definitely it reduces the salon cost.

Moreover, you get all these benefits at an unbelievable price.

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10. DOVICH Beard Grooming Care Kit For Black Men

Items in Kit

A. Beard wash B. Beard oil C. Beard balm D. Scissor E. Razor F. Comb G. Styling comb H. Beard brush I. Apron J. E-book guide

How You Benefitted

DOVICH beard grooming kit has everything you need to care for your beard. This kit doesn’t let you buy anything else. And you will get all these at an affordable price. There are 12 items in this kit that meet all the necessities of your beard.

Like all beard grooming kits, it has beard wash, beard oil, and beard balm. All the ingredients infused in it are natural and organic. This beard wash cleans your beard thoroughly and prevents dandruff. If you have a beard splitting problem with rough texture, this oil works better on you. And the wax conditions your beard and seals moisture inside for long term protection. It also helps to shape the beard as you want.

Other items also help you to manage and care beard. As an African American, the double-sided comb lets you comb your coarse beard either it short or long. The scissor and razor help you to do some personal styling. Both are made of stainless steel. Be careful while using the razor. You also get a user guide named “Beard Bible”, go through it first.

And, surprise your loved one by giving this beard grooming kit as a gift on special occasions.

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The Last Words

That’s all for today. Hope my work will help you little to get the best beard grooming kit you are looking for. Next time I will come with some tips and tricks to manage beard easily.

Be happy and be gorgeous.