Best Activated Charcoal Soap Brands in 2021

Best activated charcoal bar soap brands

Due to the super cleansing nature of activated charcoal, its popularity is increasing day by day. For this lots of skincare brands launched activated charcoal bar soap to take a bite of the growing market. Now the users are getting confused to find the right charcoal soap brand for them. If you are one of … Read more

10 Best Body Wash Alternatives for Fresh Bath

Body wash alternative

I don’t dislike body wash. But, as a human, I like changes from a boring routine. That’s why sometimes I use different alternatives to my body wash. It gives invigorating feeling to my body and freshens my mind. I hope you are same as me, looking for a different way of body cleansing. Today, I … Read more

Difference Between Hand Lotion and Body Lotion

difference between hand lotion and body lotion

We use lots of products to care for our skin and beauty. Sometimes we are getting confused about some products. Hand lotion and body lotion are such types of skin-caring products. In this situation, it is completely natural to arise some questions in mind. Such as, why hand lotion and body lotion are different? Why … Read more

How to Have a Relaxing Bath (A Detailed Guide)

How to have a relaxing bath

Having a relaxing bath at home is not that hard. You can do it easily without taking any help from others. You just need to arrange some small items and set a proper time to take a relaxing bath. Today, I will tell you every detail of a relaxing bath. In the beginning, you might … Read more

How to Make DIY Moisturizing Body Wash

diy moisturizing body wash

Dry skin is a curse that makes your look dull all the time. And in the winter, it turns into a disaster. Hopefully, there are lots of ways to fight dry skin problems. You can use moisturizing and hydrating lotion, cream, body wash, etc.   Our skin feels drier just after a shower than at … Read more

How to Use a Loofah Properly (With Popular FAQs)

how to use a loofah

I must say using loofah is one of the simplest tasks in the world. But, sometimes a simple task cannot bring effective results if it is not done properly. It is true for exfoliation with loofah as well. Using loofah isn’t just rubbing it over the skin, it’s much more. Anyway, today I will tell … Read more

8 Surprising Loofah Soap Benefits

loofah soap benefits

Today’s shower is much more than just standing under the showerhead. There are lots of tools and skincare products available to make a shower meaningful. And loofah soap is one of them. It is a nice combination of loofah and soap. But do you know the real benefits of loofah soap? Loofah soap is awesome … Read more

Alarming Body Wash Ingredients to Avoid

body wash ingredients to avoid

We are surrounded by chemicals as a form of beauty and personal care products such as body wash, cleanser, lipstick, makeup, etc. But do we actually know which chemicals are good for our skin and which are bad? As a wise person, you should know well what you eat, what you apply to your skin, … Read more