Bathing in Milk Benefits

Milk bath benefits

Milk bath is trending now. But, don’t think it is a modern-day skincare idea. It is practiced from the ancient period. Royal people mainly the queen used to take a milk bath for skincare as a symbol of royal luxury. Cleopatra’s milk bath recipe is still discussed in the beauty world. Now the question is … Read more

How to Use Charcoal Soap

How to Use Charcoal Soap

The trend of using charcoal soap is increasing day by day. It happens due to its huge positive benefits. Unlike charcoal powder or supplement, it shows almost no side effects on the skin. However, the effectiveness of charcoal soap depends on how you use it to clean your body and face. Generally, you can use … Read more

Charcoal Soap Side Effects on Skin

Charcoal soap side effects

Using activated charcoal products is a growing trend in the skincare world. You can get activated charcoal soap, body wash, face wash, peel off mask, toothpaste, and lots. People get significant benefits from these products and the market is expanding day by day. Though there are some controversial thoughts floating around activated charcoal products. Some … Read more

Does Charcoal Soap Lighten Skin

Does charcoal soap lighten skin

The answer of this question is ‘almost no’. You might thinking why I said ‘almost no’ rather than only ‘no’. To get it properly you need to know some information about dark skin. Why some people have dark skin and why others have fair? What are the factors responsible for dark and gloomy skin? And … Read more

Charcoal Soap Benefits

Charcoal Soap Benefits

If you want to know the benefits of charcoal soap for skin you should know its types first. There are basically two types of charcoal soap available in the market, normal charcoal soap and activated charcoal soap. You could find some other charcoal soap varieties like bamboo charcoal soap, coconut shell charcoal soap, etc. But, … Read more

What Happens if You Exfoliate Too Much

What happens if you exfoliate too much

Exfoliation is a good practice for the skin. It makes our skin clean and fresh from dead skin cells and stubborn dirt. But, it is also true that excess of anything is bad. Do you know what would happen if your exfoliation turns wrong? It will bring disaster to your skin instead of the betterment. … Read more

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Body

how often should you exfoliate your body

You might think the answer of this question is very simple. Why someone wrote a blog post for this! Sorry to say your thought is slightly wrong. The answer is not that simple like you should exfoliate your body 2-3 times a week. The frequency of body exfoliation, intensity, and way of exfoliation depends on … Read more

How to Exfoliate Your Back (Effectively)

How to Exfoliate Your Back

There is no alternative to exfoliation to get a clean and itch-free back. You have to exfoliate your back regularly to get the optimum result. But, we all know this is not that easy. For this reason, most people neglect back exfoliation even those who take a regular shower. They just ignore it because it … Read more

Can You Use Body Wash on Your Hair or Vice Versa?

Can You Use Body Wash on Your Hair

We use body wash, shower gel, or bar soap to clean the body. And for hair, we have no other option except shampoo. Do you ask yourself ever, why this difference? Is it necessary to buy two different products to serve the same purpose; cleansing? Whereas only a few years ago, our ancestors used only … Read more

Organic Olive Oil Exfoliating Body Scrub (Homemade)

Organic olive oil exfoliating body scrub

Olive oil is well-known to all for its multi beneficiary nature. And you can use olive oil for various purposes. It can be used as cooking oil, hair oil, and skin moisturizer. It is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants. Olive oil also shows antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Today, I will show you some best body … Read more