Black Open Toe Heels with Ankle Strap (Best in 2021)

black open toe heels with ankle strap

Like everyone, you also love the comfort and confident walk. You can get these both benefits through an open toe heel with ankle strap. An open toe heel lets your feet breath well with maximum comfort. On the other hand, ankle strap helps your feet to adjust properly in the heel. And black is a … Read more

8 Excellent Benefits of Coconut Oil Foot Massage

Benefits of Coconut Oil Foot Massage

Coconut oil is really awesome. It is cheap in price but valuable in benefits. You can use coconut oil for various purposes such as health care, skin care, hair care, and even for cooking. Today I will share you other benefits of coconut oil. It is the benefits of foot massage with coconut oil. I … Read more

Foot Hygiene Tips (Know for Proper Foot Care)

Foot Hygiene Tips

Feet are base of the body. To stay healthy entirely you have to keep your feet healthy and strong. And for this, you should know the foot hygiene tips well. It this post, we have covered all the things to maintain proper foot hygiene. It includes washing and exfoliation, moisturization, nail care, footwear types and … Read more

Black Shoes with Gold Heels (Best in 2021)

black shoes with gold heels

If you are looking for unique and different styled footwear, it is the right place. Today I will show you some different styled catchy shoes. It includes high heel, mid-high heel, pointed toe, peep toe and much more. The only common in them is their striking golden heel. You can wear these heels in special … Read more

Proven Home Remedies for Smelly Shoes

home remedies for smelly shoes

Are you throwing off the smelly shoes that you buy for hundreds or thousands of bucks? Don’t do that. You can convert your stinky shoes to a fresh one with some easy and simple home remedies. Stinky shoes are annoying. It curves down your confidence level. Don’t worry, today I will show you the best … Read more

Benefits of Foot Massage with Essential Oils

Benefits of Foot Massage With Essential Oils

Foot massage is really enjoyable. But, you can add tremendous benefits to the foot massage by using essential oils. Because only enjoyment isn’t enough. You need to care your feet, provide extra nutrients to your feet’s skin, and strengthen them. That’s why you should use essential oil to massage your feet. They can relax your … Read more

Importance of Foot Hygiene (You Should Know)

Importance of foot hygiene

Are you aware of the importance of foot hygiene? If no, then read this post thoroughly. Feet with poor hygiene are surrounded by lots of problems. It may hamper your mobility. A good foot hygiene practice can keep your feet healthy and fit. It gives confidence in every step you walk. It improves the overall … Read more

Easiest Home Remedies for Heel Cracks

home remedies for heel cracks

Heel cracks appear for various reasons including age, unhealthy diet, prolonged standing, health condition, etc. You can prevent crack formation with proper foot care. What if, you show don’t care mood to your feet. Your feet will get unexpected, annoying, and embarrassing cracks. Now you have to treat and care your heels to get back … Read more

10 Best Cute Cheap High Heels Under $30

cute cheap high heels

I don’t mean “CHEAP” when I say the “cheap high heel”. What I really mean is the cute and quality high heels at an affordable price. Because I know, you don’t compromise with the quality. But, it is always better for you or me to get the product that fulfills all demands and also saves … Read more