Best Treatment for Melasma (A Complete Overview)

How to get rid of melasma on face

Melasma is a curse for every people especially the female ones. It not only destroys the beauty of a pretty lady but also crushes her personality. If you have melasma, I know you are ready to do anything to get rid of it. The good news is you can erase your melasma if you start … Read more

How to Shave Underarms without Darkening

how to shave underarms without darkening

Shaving is one of the best ways to get fresh and attractive underarms. It takes less time and cost very little. And you can do it easily at home. But, it can cause underarm darkening if you don’t shave underarm properly. You can do it easily by considering a few things. Today I will tell … Read more

7 Best Creams to Lighten Dark Underarms (in 2021)

Creams to lighten dark underarms

Dark underarm is a common problem for both women and men. And it is awkward. Naturally, underarm skin is prone to darkness than any other body parts. It happens either for the nature of the skin or by the habit of yours. Whatever the causes are, you should treat them carefully to avoid unwanted situations. … Read more

10 Best Organic Exfoliating Face Scrubs (in 2021)

organic exfoliating face scrub

Scrubbing face is vital for the care of facial skin. It nicely removes dirt, oil, impurities from your face. And… An effective exfoliator reveals your inner beauty by removing the shedding from the skin surface. It also brings back the young you by erasing wrinkles, fine lines, and overall aging signs. But, why organic? Because … Read more

Cucumber Face Pack for Sunburn in Summer – 5 Homemade Packs

cucumber face pack for sunburn in summer

SUMMER means fun, vacation, trip, camp, and sunburn. Yes, you can’t avoid sunburn completely in summer. It affects you more or less. But, summer isn’t so cruel. It also gives you ways of treating sunburn. It is the summer vegetables and fruits like cucumber, watermelon, potato, aloe vera, etc. Today, We focus only on the … Read more

Benefits of Using Organic Moisturizer

Benefits of using organic moisturizer

The trend of using organic beauty products is increasing with time. It is because people are concern about the safety of their skin and body along with beauty. It is good if your thought is same as well. Chemical-infused and cheap beauty products may give you quick results, but they will do lots of harm … Read more

Waxing Underarms Side Effects (with Solutions)

waxing underarms side effects

Waxing is one of the most used ways to keep underarm hair-free. But, Before waxing underarms, you should prepare yourself to cope with the side effects of underarms waxing. Today, I will tell you to most common side effects of armpit waxing. With side effects, here you will know how to minimize those problems. If … Read more

Organic Lip Balm with SPF for Safe Lips (in 2021)

organic lip balm with spf

Do you wear lipstick? IF YES… Then, I am sorry to say, the major portion of your worn lipstick goes to your or your partner’s stomach. And… If your lipstick contains harsh chemicals, it also goes to your stomach. Do you know what happens then? It damages your health slowly but continuously. So what should … Read more

Best Aloe Vera Face Wash (10 in 2021)

The benefits of aloe vera are countless. We can get benefits from it both internally and externally. Because of its awesome beneficial properties, lots of skincare brands use aloe vera as a primary ingredient in their products. You can see aloe vera in cream, lotion, moisturizer, and even in the face wash. Today I will … Read more